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Ditch your paper mileage spreadsheet - App Review MileIQ

MileIQ keeps track of miles for taxes or business purposes, or for any reason that requires a mileage log. This free app is a great mileage tracker for your Phone because it automatically logs drives and calculates mileage value.

Accurately Track Every Mile

Every time you drive your car, MileIQ can track your miles so you can report them on your business log or taxes. Some MileIQ customers benefit from an increase in the total miles logged and they enjoy being able to write off more expenses. MileIQ is always on, meaning you get peace of mind having a tracker that is accurate to the mile and working to protect your budget.

Tracking Business Miles

If you have to track business miles for work, consider that each mile you drive is worth money for tax deductions, reimbursement or mileage allowance payment. With a manual mileage log, you have to remember to write down every mile and keep track of paperwork. MileIQ is an easy mileage tracker that works for you without you having to do much of anything.

Think about the following:

● Every business drive with your car, van, motorcycle or bike can result in valuable deductions or reimbursements
● If you drove 10,000 business miles in your car or van, you could take a deduction of at least £4,500.

The average MileIQ user saves thousands in taxes every year. That doesn’t include the valuable time they save each month not having to track their miles manually. How much do you log? What if you could log more, just by downloading a simple miles tracker?

Automate Miles and Expenses

Many of our customers love MileIQ for iPhone because it helps them automate their lives. Who wouldn’t want to make things easier, especially tracking of expenses, which is not that fun to begin with?

With MileIQ, you don’t have to fill out any forms, install a separate GPS, or wonder how you’re going to keep track of all of your tracking. You simply need to download what is one of the best free apps available, and then enjoy what you like to do in life instead of logging miles for taxes or business.


The MileIQ app comes the with the following free features:

● Log every drive (in your personal or business vehicle) automatically
● Categorise drives as personal or business
● Classify the drives you track regularly as common
● Receive personalised miles logs and tracking reports
● Built-in GPS to accurately log drives down to partial miles

40 Free Drives Every Month

MileIQ is free for your first 40 drives every month, forever. Upgrade to unlimited drives for £4.49/month recurring or £44.99/year recurring.

MileIQ with Xero Integration

Use the power of MileIQ to automatically log and record your mileage, then easily save your mileage log to Xero.

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